These are a list of characters in the GTA Series

GTA V:Edit

  • Niko Bellic - The protagonist.
  • Matthew "Matt" Alonso - A former Spanish crime drug lord and a new friend of Niko.
  • Shaun Thompson - An American buisnessman and leader of the Thompson Mob.
  • Jacob Hughes - Niko's friend.
  • Patrick "Packie" McReary - Niko's friend and a member of the McReary Family.
  • Andrei Bellic - Niko's brother-in law.
  • Ivan Bellic - Niko's cousin and Roman's brother.
  • Vladimir Bellic - Niko's brother.
  • Roman Bellic - Niko's cousin.
  • Mallorie Bellic - Roman's wife.
  • Alexandre Mikarov - The main antagonist.
  • Ethan Thompson - Shaun's brother.
  • Jerry Thompson - Ethan and Sahun's brother.
  • Brucie Kibbutz - A steroid junkie.

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